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Car Towing


We offer car towing services across the Lower Mainland and have gotten quite the positive reputation for it. Over 900 people have left us reviews and they love the prices we’ve been able to provide them with. If you’re looking for a tow truck company that can transport your car with care, you need to call Gucci.

Car Unlock Service


Did you lock your keys in the car by accident? Give us a call and we’ll gladly drive to you to open the car.

Disclaimer: If there are any pets or children locked in the car, please first call 911 as this is a medical and safety emergency.

Fuel Delivery


Sometimes, it happens when we run out of fuel any we’re too far away from a gas station. If you’re ever in a bind and need gas, call Gucci Towing and we’ll drive to you and fill up your gas tank.

Scrap Car Removal


Got an old car that you’re looking to get rid of? We have all of the equipment needed to remove any scrap car from your property. We’ve got flat bed tow trucks that can move any damaged vehicle, whether it’s old or new. We’ll deliver your vehicle to the junk yard of your choosing or we can recommend some as well.

Motorcycle Towing


Regular tow trucks are not able to provide motorcycle towing. That’s why calling Gucci Towing is your best bet since we have 8 trucks in our fleet, including flatbed towing options that can get your motorcycle transported safely and effectively.

Emergency Roadside Assistance


If you’re stuck on the side of the road, it is imperative that our tow truck drivers get you safely back on the road or to a mechanic of your choice. If you’re currently in need of roadside assistance, we’re on stand-by, waiting for your call.

Vehicle Recovery


British Columbia has a lot of beautiful mountain ridges and natural views. One of the drawbacks is the terrain can create situations where you can end up stuck or in a ditch. Whether it’s a car, truck, RV, boat, ATV or any other motor vehicle, we can recover it.

Accident Assistance


Accidents happen and its best to use a towing company that can keep as much of your car intact as possible. We’ll work to safely tow your vehicle to a mechanic so that you can begin the repair process as quickly as possible. We work with police officers on the scene of the accident and follow all BC guidelines.

Flat Tire Change


Getting a flat tire can be an unfortunate circumstance of bad luck. There may be a nail on the road that happens to pierce your tires. In any case, the standard procedure is to put on your spare tire so that you can drive your car to a tire shop that can install a new tire for you.

Ready to call a cheap towing service?

While we certainly don't advertise ourselves as being just cheap, we believe that we have some incredibly affordable pricing and a top-notch level of quality that has blessed us with over 900 reviews.