Towing Low Profile Cars with the Towing Dolly: A Big No-No

Whether you own some high-performance and pricey sports cars or collectible classics, or simple low-profile cars, these machines come with a set of special requirements if there is a need to transport them from one point to another. Towing these low-profile vehicles isn’t a towing job to be done by your average service provider.

This is something that should be done by a reliable service provider for towing, Maple Ridge.Professional towing service providers know the dos and don’ts of towing the cars in the best way possible without causing any kind of harm to your pricey machine.

Towing the Right Way: Gucci Towing

Most professional car or truck towing service providers make use of expensive flatbeds for towing cars, and they come with a slide and tilt mechanism. This ensures an effortless towing experience without any damage to the vehicle. Now, these low-profile vehicles can surely be towing with the help of a regular towing dolly. However, you might risk potential damage to your pricey possession.

Now, there is a chance that towing your low-profile vehicle with the help of a dolly might not cause any damage, but it sure can bring in a lot of challenges. With a towing dolly for a low-profile vehicle, your slightest mistake might end up costing you a lot.

So, read along and find out why having your low-profile car towed with a dolly might not be the right way to go.



An obvious disadvantage that comes with the use of the towing dolly is to tow any vehicle that stays low with regards to the ground with minimal road clearance. This could lead to a similar issue when it is being towed.

Towing dollies might be an outdated option, and using the same to tow your low-profile car could lead to massive damage to the fascia located in front. In order to avoid this from happening, you need to look for a professional service provider that can work around this issue & bring in the right towing methods to avoid any damage.

Now, there is a workaround to this, and you might make use of 2 to 8 inches of lumbar pieces to be set underneath your ramps. It definitely isn’t a perfect solution for the same, but it might help in a situation where there is no way around.


Towing your car with the help of a towing dolly might not be as simple and straight as one might think. In this process, you have to make sure that the additional 2 wheels added to your dolly are placed in a secure way while the emergency car brake isn’t on.

Now, this is done because the car’s back wheels tend to stick to the ground while the car is being towed with the help of a dolly. Now, depending on whether the vehicle is rear-wheeled or front-wheeled, you might be required to remove its drive shafts. So, when making use of the services of a professional company for Maple Ridge towing, ensure that they know the best way to tow your high-quality vehicle.


Another major disadvantage of having a dolly tow your low-profile car is the absolute lack of proper maneuverability. With a towing dolly, it is almost impossible or beyond question to back the truck given the lack of proper maneuverability.

Unless one is a patient and skilled driver, backing up the vehicle with the help of a dolly shall most likely be a disastrous nightmare. This can also cause a significant issue in case you plan to maneuver your dolly to a position best suited for unloading the vehicle that has been towed. However, this is an issue that won’t happen to you in case you get the low-profile car towed with the help of a flatbed.

4-Wear & Tear in Tire:

When you hire the services of tow truck, Maple Ridge, service provider, you get the promise of quality towing service that is guaranteed to ensure that the car doesn’t get any scratches or nicks in the process.

Wear & tear can be a major problem that occurs when the towing is done with the help of a dolly. In normal cases like your regular cars, this is fine. However, with a low-profile car, it is better to stick to flatbeds and avoid any wear or tear.

This happens due to the fact that the car’s front wheels, when lifted, leads to a major shift in weight distribution towards the back end of the wheels. This leads to more stress on the same. This means the back tires shall wear out way faster, causing nicks and tears of several kinds.


An exotic and pricey car needs the towing services of a professional service provider. You cannot risk your precious possession at the hands of an amateur. This is why transporting the same should be all care and no negligence.

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