Here Are Some Tips To Consider Before Having a Vehicle Towed

Even though tow truck services are your only escape when you’re stuck alone in a major break down or accident, you should be aware of certain things. Undoubtedly, most of the tow truck drivers are very professional and honest. However, there are some exceptions when such drivers try their best to take advantage of freaked out people after they’ve landed up in an unfortunate situation. So, if you want to avail of the services of the right agency, then keep reading this guide. Mentioned below are some of the things that you should do before contacting any random towing agency.

1: Call the car insurance agency

If you’re a novice when it comes to choosing the right towing services, then your insurer is the best person who can deliver valuable advice. Call up your insurer, and he/she will let you know about the best towing rates and recommend the best towing agency that’ll cater to your needs without delay. In certain cases, the insurer even gets their repair facility to address your requirements and get you out of the situation.

2: Roadside assistance or independent towing agency?

It’s highly recommended to first contact your car’s manufacturer or any automobile association to get roadside assistance. Instead of looking up for any independent towing agency, call a reliable person. And in case the concerned party fails to assist, you can always get your friends to recommend you the best service provider of tow truck, Langley.

3-Does your vehicle need to get towed?

It’s natural for people to call for help as soon as something unexpected happens. However, if you ever meet with a collision, don’t lose your patience. Ignore your first instinct and see whether the vehicle is in a condition to be driven. If you can, then drive it to the nearest repair shop. Now, you must be thinking, how can one know it’s safe to drive. Well, all you need to make sure is the vehicle doesn’t have any fluid leak, all the mirrors are intact, braking and steering feel right, and the taillights and headlights are properly working.

4 : Prepare the vehicle before towing

If you think your job ends after giving a call to your local towing agency, then you’re absolutely wrong. To make sure the repair shop doesn’t charge you unnecessarily, take a good number of photos of the entire vehicle at the scene of the collision. Also, don’t exclude the interior. Apart from that, it would help if you took back all the necessities and valuables before letting the driver access your vehicle.

5: Mention the right destination

Get it towed to your home, the nearest repair shop, the repairing facility recommended by your insurance agency, or a repair shop that your towing agency prefers. The choice is yours! It’s very important not to forget that the vehicle’s owner has the right to decide where he/she wants to be dropped off with his/her vehicle. Unless the police recommend directions, a reliable towing agency won’t insist on transferring the car to a particular location.

6: Ensure that you’re getting the right help

Whenever an accident occurs, some drivers rush to the scene, hoping to get their hands over potential clients. In certain circumstances, they’ll insist that your vehicle must be towed as the condition is not much favorable. Even when the car is drivable, they’ll trick you into believing that the vehicle needs towing, and you’ll end up spending unnecessarily. So, avoid the drama, and don’t get swayed by their convincing sentences. Make sure you’re trusting the right towing company.

7 : Thoroughly read the paperwork

An invoice will be handed over to you by the tow truck driver, and that work order or contract should not be blank. By doing this, you’ll get confirmed that your vehicle is getting towed to a location that you specified. Never put your signature on a vague contract that doesn’t clearly mention where your car is towed to and what you are paying for.

Conclusion :

While agencies of tow trucks, Langley are reliable and trustworthy, practicing the points mentioned above will ensure you get a better experience. Apart from that, it would be best if you also educated yourself about the towing laws of the municipality and province you’re operating from. The establishment of reputable towing agencies around us has made us independent and worry-free. We can set out on a journey on our own without depending on anyone. If you follow these simple steps, you won’t go through a hard time, even if you face vehicle issues.

Gucci towing is the answer to everyone looking for reliable and cost-effective services. We operate 24/7, and that’s why we promise to deliver towing services or roadside assistance anytime. The best way to escape from situations like accidents, getting locked out from the car, fuel emergency, or car breakdown is to call us right away! Our team is an insured, bonded, and licensed towing agency. If you’ve further queries, contact us via mail at or give us a call at (778) 863-8084.

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