4 Major Clues Your Vehicle Needs Towing

The majority of vehicle owners don’t even know about the correct time to call a towing service despite their vehicle is performing strange. That’s because they are very much confident in their abilities & skills to reach their target without breaking down or getting damaged on the road.

Modern vehicles offer upgraded safety & reliability; still, mechanical issues can become a serious hazard. While driving, you should not completely rely on your vehicle’s efficiency. Instead, it will help if you deemed your safety first even though being on the road regardless of how well-kept your vehicle is.

How could towing services help you in emergencies?

Accidents on the road are very much unpredictable because anything can go sideways at any minute. In case you are having vehicle trouble & need towing, the primary thing you must do is to contact an expert as quickly as possible & get your automobile checked.

There are some conditions where you will be able to drive your automobile to the shop, but there are some cases where this may cause bigger damage. In case you are encountering an issue with your vehicle’s non-essential units, like air conditioning or windows, then you should go straight to a close-by mechanic shop for repairs. In further severe cases, check for the subsequent signs to know in case you need to contact a towing service.

4 Important Signs that you need towing services

1-Driving Difficulties

One of the basic signs that will notify you if you need to call a professional towing company is when you are having driving difficulties. In case your vehicle is not handling properly or does not decelerate or accelerate accurately, then you should contact a towing service rather than driving it to the mechanic shop by yourself.

Trying to carry your damaged vehicle to the nearest repair shop can be risky, & during the process, you might hurt yourself. That’s why you should not take this risk, but instead, you must stop off on the roadside & wait for support to arrive.

Moreover, you can call a roadside service for fast emergency fuel delivery in case you’re running low on fuel.

2-Bizarre Smells

Another issue that will indicate that you must stop driving your vehicle is when you get a bizarre smell coming from a part of your automobile, specifically its engine. In this matter, driving your vehicle is extremely risky, & you might wind up, causing serious harm to yourself as well as your vehicle.

Occasionally, there is a distinct smell of fuel that is a notable cause irrespective of your vehicle is operating smoothly. Always pay proper awareness to any sudden fluid loss, including brake, oil, or coolant fluid, implying a serious leak.

One of the basic indications that you need a towing service is in case you notice a smoke cloud coming out of your vehicle tailpipe.

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3-Warning Lights

You must give close attention to your vehicle’s instrument indications. It may be a hint of overheating if your automobile’s temperature meter is sky-rocketing. This indication calls for the aid of the emergency service of towing. Meanwhile, if you point out an enlightened fuel tier light, call a reliable towing service company next to you as fast as you can.

There are 2 types of lights for warning that are red & orange. A red light indicates that you must act fast because the issue is serious, for instance, lower motor oil pressure, a superheating engine, or a braking arrangement problem.

While an orange light indicates that your vehicle motor management system, the computer which runs the motor, is having a fault, you might continue to drive in this state, but sometimes it is better to call the local towing center for towing as fast as possible to prevent further damage.

4-Strange Sounds

In case you hear a big grinding sound from your automobile’s brake system, then you must stop driving & contact a towing service for aid right away. Likewise, if you hear any strange noises coming out of the vehicle’s engine, like knocking, whirring, or screeching sounds, then you must call a towing company as fast as possible.

There are some other sounds you must look out for. If your vehicle’s tires are making a weird sound, then it might result in the inflation of tires. But if there is a clunking sound coming from under your vehicle, then you might have a damaged suspension or shock absorber. Likewise, a rumbling sound from under your vehicle indicates a defective muffler, catalytic converter, or exhaust pipe.


Finally, if you are not feeling safe when you’re driving, then stop driving. If your automobile is not correctly handling, stalling at stops, & does not accelerate or decelerate properly, then you must always consider calling a towing service instead of driving yourself. If you’re at Langley, then the above blog will help you know when to stop by & call for a tow truck.

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